How it works

It all starts with your script for the voiceover project. I’ll need to know what and how long it is, what you want to achieve with it, and how the final voiceover will be used (TV, radio, paid-for social media, solely on your website, or internally, for instance). Most of that is about delivery – finding exactly the right voice for you. It may also affect the voiceover rates, as certain types of voiceover (e-learning and telephony) are charged differently to others (commercial broadcasts or online usage).

I’m available to work from your recording studio, although travel time and costs may need to be accounted for, or from my home studio. Many projects are directed through initial phone conversation, rather than live, although you can also connect for live direction via Skype, Zoom etc, and record remotely via ipDTL. You can, of course, choose the final format(s) of your audio file.

Voiceover rates

As a voice artist, I retain the rights to my recordings, unless you would like a buyout for a fixed term or in perpetuity. In line with widely accepted UK professional voiceover industry standards, my rates take into account: a standard recording session fee; any substantial script editing needed; and sometimes a usage licence, depending on whether the completed product is for internal, limited or public broadcast. All recordings are edited for pace and purity, so the final voiceover is ready for mixing by your sound engineer or studio.

Your quote includes up to two takes if I’m recording remotely – plus small-scale revisions for up to 14 days after the initial recording. Rerecording after that time, or substantial script changes post-session which require recording at any time, may be subject to a new recording fee as per an entirely new voiceover booking.

To get a quote tailored for your voiceover needs, please get in touch today.

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If you’re new to casting voice artists, you can find out more about British voiceover rates and how much a voiceover costs here.

Image of the voiceover recording booth in my home studio
Sound isolation booth for recording VO
Voiceover booth interior photograph
Voiceover booth interior