About me and my voice

My name is Anthony Hewson. I’m a British male voiceover artist and voice actor. I provide professional voiceovers from my home studio in south Cambridgeshire, UK.

Natural voicing age: 30s-50s

Natural accent: English RP/home counties/Hertfordshire

Vocal qualities frequently described as: deep, gravelly, reassuring, warm, credible, authoritative, soothing, sexy

Character voicing age: 30s-70s

Other accents: heightened RP, estuary English, Yorkshire, general American, general Australian

English voice actor Anthony Hewson in his recording booth - head and shoulders photograph with microphone and pop filter just in shot

A little background on my journey as a voice artist

Acting has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Back in school I studied for LAMDA exams; sang, acted and gave readings for various productions; and toured mainland Europe with lead roles in Romeo & Juliet and A Man For All Seasons. At uni, I relished playing the monstrous Martin in Brimstone & Treacle. Post-university I turned to my other natural bent: writing. After working in corporate communications and PR, I moved into freelance copywriting, scriptwriting and editing, which I still provide for select clients today.

The acting went away for a time. But people seemed to like my voice. I had embarrassing compliments from total strangers. I gained a non-threatening stalker. A chap I’d never met before said he’d like me to read him bedtime stories. I was asked to record a voice of god award ceremony voiceover and telephone messages for employers. As I read out some ad copy at a copywriting client workshop, the group leader declared that I’d have ‘a great voice for radio’. Some wag responded: ‘a great face for radio…’ There was much laughter. There was a red face. Which is ok, if it’s on the radio.

In 2009 I began recording corporate voiceovers – explainer videos, voiceovers for presentations and so on – for creative agency clients of my copywriting business. In 2016 I set up my home recording studio and invested in various voiceover training workshops with industry leaders. Since then, I have provided voiceovers for TV commercials, radio ads, all sorts of promo and corporate videos, podcasts, IVR/telephone systems and e-learning projects, as well as acting in videogames and audio dramas.

Voiceover award nominations

In 2018 I was overjoyed to be shortlisted for two awards at the inaugural One Voice voiceover awards. The honour was utterly unexpected and, I thought, unlikely to be repeated. As luck would have it, I was shortlisted at the 2019 One Voice Awards too, this time as one of six finalists in the best male voiceover for a TV/web commercial.

2021 dished out a bigger surprise: I was a shortlisted finalist for best male UK voiceover artist in the demo reel, radio commercial, and web/TV commercial voiceover categories. Practising my gracious loser face paid off, unfortunately… But with more than 3,300 award entries, it’s no mean feat to have a panel of industry professionals select your work as among the very best – independently of each other.

If you’re looking for an English male voiceover artist, listen to some samples and get in touch to book me for your next project.