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Hi, I’m Anthony Hewson. I’m a multi-award-nominated British male voice over artist and voice actor with a professional home studio in south Cambridgeshire, UK, just 40 minutes from London. You’ll find me on the usual social channels as @VoicedByAnt.

My natural accent is what’s often referred to as British RP – a southeast of England or Home Counties English voice – without sounding clipped or terribly jolly hockey sticks. Although those are fun voices to do. Like most voiceover artists, much of my work is based around my natural voice – it’s ideal for all sorts of commercial and corporate voiceovers, from ads to documentaries, and from explainer videos to IVR and e-learning.

But I also love to play a role. I’ve got a handful of convincing accents tucked away and I enjoy giving voice and personality to an animation or video game character.

It doesn’t feel right to use my own words to describe my voice. So, how have others described it? There were words that came up time and again: reassuring, believable, trustworthy, articulate, genuine, intelligent, soothing, authoritative, natural, deep and warm. Then there were others: gravelly (chocolate with hazelnut pieces), cinematic, seductive, sexy. And, apparently, the love child of a male escort and David Attenborough. I think that’s positive… Perhaps you hear something else entirely – listen to my voice reels to find out.

If you’re searching for a professional male voiceover artist, you can book me for your next project.

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Finalist for best male voiceover in a TV/web ad, best male voiceover in a radio ad, best male voice artist in a documentary and male voiceover artist of the year

Finalist for best male voiceover in a TV/web ad, best male voiceover in a radio ad, best male voice artist in a documentary and male voiceover artist of the year

VOX Awards finalist badge for Anthony Hewson voiceover artist VoicedbyAnt - finalist for Best Male Voiceover Performance

Finalist for best male voiceover performance

Graphic of a badge awarded to One Voice voiceover artist awards finalists, with text reading: One Voice Awards Nominee 2021

Finalist for best male voice artist demo, best male voiceover in a radio ad, best male voiceover in a TV/internet ad

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